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Neda Hotel is built in the center of Ancient Olympia, a settlement with all the necessary tourist facilities such as: shops, restaurants, bars, banks, transportation, health services, entertainment centers.
Ancient Olympia is located in the western Peloponnese, in Ilia, in the midst of a beautiful valley crossed by the Alfios River. It is the birthplace and cradle of the Olympic Games of antiquity, the world's leading, ecumenical, athletic institution, with global radiation and glamor. The most glorious sanctuary of Greece, dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus was here and there was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Jupiter's golden-ivory statue, impressive in size, crafted by the sculptor of the Parthenon, Pheidias.
The Olympics were the most important event of noble competition and high ideals, initially organized in 776 BC, held every four years and during which a sacred truce was imposed in the event of war conflicts. After their revival, in 1896, before the start of the Olympic Games, here in the same place, the Sacred Flame, which is transported every time to the country in the Olympic Games, lights up ritually.
Thousands of visitors from every corner of the globe flock every year and all the seasons to get to know the land that gave birth to the Olympic Games but also to make their holidays a paradise with wonderful nature, forests, rivers, historical monuments, museums, rich gastronomy and a long tradition of hospitality.
The Blue Sea of ​​Kaiafa is just 15 minutes' drive from Neda.
Olympia is less than four hours from Athens and only one hour from Patras Port or Kalamata Airport.
Location Distances Time Taxi charge
Center 10 m 2 min ---
Archaeological site 300 m 2 min 3,80 €
Pyrgos 19 km 21 min 16 €
Kaiafas 25 km 28 min 19 €
Katakolo 32 km 35 min 26€
Andritsena 55 km 1 hour 11 min 73 €
Lagadia 62 km 1 hour 16 min 79 €
Chlemoutsi Castle 70 km 56 min 86 €
Patra 120 km 1 hour 55 min 152 €
Delfoi 235 km 1 hour 16 min 79 €
Lagkadia 62 km 3 hours 43 min 310 €
Venizelos airport (Athens) 330 km 5 hours 56 min 403 €